How to build a succeeding business in a new country, daunting but doable

On this Episode, Lady Alex interviews an astounding woman, Ms Larissa Banting! Larissa is a flexible, independent, and fiery serial entrepreneur with a top 30 destination wedding company and a PR guru. A true planner, Larissa has built multiple businesses,most notably so in Costa Rica where she created a 7 figure business in under 4 years in a country she didn’t even speak the language! Today she is giving away her best tips at how to actually feel successful in your endeavors and what things you should focus on most when becoming the boss of your company!

Season 2 Episode 7: How to build a succeeding business in a new country, daunting but doable!

On this Episode, we dive into how Larissa took her part time PR gig and took it to new heights in a new country all for love!

Born into an events business family, creating large scale events were never something that scared Larissa! In fact it was the norm, so when she went from a dancer to a car salesman to a writer she had already begun to realize what tools where already in her tool bag! 

Dabbling in the PR biz took Larissa to new places! On the set of a movie filming in Costa Rica, Larissa found love and decided to go for it moving herself and her business to a new country where she didn’t even know the language! 

Within 4 short years of building and creating and publicizing (before social media was even a thing) Larissa built a seven figure, top 30 Destination Wedding company for the stars! 

Published in many magazines and growing to unbelievable heights this astounding woman knew when her vision was no longer hers and was able to pair down her company enough to be manageable while also successful! 

Success to someone else isn’t always success for you, with all of Larissa’s experience and wisdom she was able to build the life she always wanted! 

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